Who We Are

The Wire Room is just that. An empty wire frame box in a 3D space ready and waiting to be filled with whatever our imaginations can come up with, a space where anything and everything is possible. Think the “holodeck” in Star Trek ­čśë Next Generation of course. Picard is the best.

The powers of 3D animation and visual effects only get stronger, bigger, and with us even more accessible.

We want to tell your stories, our stories, their stories, all stories and we want to do it with visual flare and excitement.
You have a story? We’ll help you tell it.
You don’t have a story? We’ll help you develop one.
Just tell us what you need and we’ll turn it into something that connects with your audience, reaches into their brain, and fills it with the joys of this spectacular medium.

We love to create
We live to create
We’re here to create

Just give us a call. London t: +44 207 689 7531 / Mexico t:+52 (55) 63038236 / e: info@thewireroom.com